Now Page

This page's idea comes from Derek Sivers at nownownow.

At Work

I work as a Product Manager at Newm.

Personal Projects and Hobbies


For over the past 5 years I've always liked giving away free earthworms for composting. Do you want some? Send me a DM thru my social media, on footer.

NGOs and Donors: Giver

We've built this project thru March--September, 2023. Here's our 3-Minute Pitch: @ETHargentina


More about the project here: 5-minute Pitch @YouTube, @GitHub, @Twitter, and @Buildathon.

Many people has collaborated along the way. A special shout out to those that have contributed and gave us advice and encouragement: People that have given important nudges, thanks!

Art & Music

I try to play bass, for over a year with Rocksmith. Now I also have a looper and drum machine pedal: Boss RC-5. Dabbling further.