Vermicomposting Do's And Don'ts

Feed The Earthworms!

Meat Raw Fruit
Dairy Raw Vegetables
Oils & Salt Eggshells
Spices & Citrics Used Coffee & Tea
Acidics: Onion & Garlic Inkless Paper
Animal Feces Shreded is always better
Seeds & Tubers: Potato Green Clippings: Grass & Branches
If in doubt, do not feed Water

Compost Bin Placement and Moisture

Scenario Solution
It's too hot outside Move the batch under roof, with a shade, outdoors
Soil is dry and earthworms won't eat Add water and review (pH) balance: green/brown
Accelerate the process Move the compost around to add oxiygen
Vermin Put a lid on top
Bad odor Leave it dry and add more brown

Compost Bin Models

About Earthworms And Vermicomposting

Many people is collaborative sharing earthworms. Thanks. Who wants earthworms? They're for free and come with good vibes. What else could you ask for?

Updated 2022-04-09