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Steve Albini Music Producer-Sociologist

There will always be people whose primary motivation is their primary mode of expression. And those people will always be making music that is substantial. Whether you like it or not it means something to them.

So apart from running I like other creative releasing adventures. And I just acquired a telecaster guitar and curious about its history and capabilities I listen to some other takes on the music industry. I listen to Kurt Cobain talking about Producer Steve Albini, who seems to be a very respectful and ethical human being who tries not to exploit others benefitial situation: be it a label charging money revenue for royalties nor energy and favors from his pairs in Nirvana.

Also, he states that there's always a tier of good dedicated artists-musicians, as well as bad ones commercialized massively, because he sees them everyday. This relationship between the broad available and visible elements of a social world, here music, and the underground, creative and self-pursuing may serve as general rule for other realms.

Steve Albini FULL Interview

by Daniel Sarkissian

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Publicado el 1 nov. 2018

Steve Albini appears in my upcoming film "Rock is Dead?" https://facebook.com/Sarkissian1991 /// https://twitter.com/Sarkissian1991