® Benjamín Juárez


Meditating with Wim Hof / The Wind in the City

I hold my breath in a exercise to develop air retention and response to thermal environment. It is a simple 10 week program that I've been using to travel to the cold and it seemed quite useful. The hard part is keeping on track without missing day. The best surprise is the boost in energy and mood. The method makes me happy.

As I look to the world through my department window I notice above a building roof that the clouds are moving rapidly and enjoy to see them pass by. It is just a thin white spread that I can notice between the higher edge of my window and the top of the building some blocks away.

The breathing continues after cyclical stops and when I come back to a retention I notice that in the terrace of the building there is some clothes that hang from one side to another. I notice several levels: the wind in the clouds, in the clothes from last floor, and some levels below as well. There is even a level of the building that simply has some strings hanging without clothes but with the clips that move like a free hammock in the beach.

There's also more clouds above but moving slower than five minutes before.

Silly noticing the wind may seem so unimportant whilst in other environments it can be a vital element of survival.