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1. Positive Feedback from friend and high performance Laser competitor, Diego Romero pointing out to Elisa Lapenta, one of the most respected trainers of endurance athletes in Córdoba.

Hola Benji, Pongo en copia a Elisa Lapenta, una gran amiga y uno de los entrenadores más destacados en Cordoba en el ámbito de carreras de larga duración. Eli, Benji es un amigo y ex alumno de vela, quizás le puedas pasar el dato de algunos corredores de larga distancia que conozcas. Si no es mucha molestia los dejo en contacto. Te conozco y sé que estás siempre a milllll pero si tenes unos minutos para un amigo te lo voy a agradecer Un gran abrazo a ambos Diego

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Notas de/sobre Elisa:

  1. La resistencia: “No siempre fuerte es mejor que suave”
  2. CAPACITACIÓN: Elisa Lapenta diserta este sábado sobre entrenamiento en deportes de resistencia

El 26 sep. 2017, a las 04:13, Benji Juarez benjij_1980@yahoo.com escribió:

Hola Diego, tanto tiempo! espero esté todo marchando bien. ¿cómo va eso? Entrenando a los pibes?

Te cuento y te consulto un poco. Empecé un doctorado en sociología con el tema de ultra-running, carreras de distancias mayores a 42 k. http://ramoneando.com/ultra/2017-01-23-project-exeter.html

Como conocés el ambiente de competición de elite te quería preguntar: ¿conocés corredores de ultra maratón argentinos, o de otro lado? Si son cordobeses mejor así los veo para charlar en persona.

Un abrazo grande Diego, que estés excelente. Benja

2. A walk next to the park before raining/storm. Temperature goes from mild to cold in short minutes.

3. Connect vpn. Mac and Windows have packages. Maybe use apple.

4. Two articles on big topics. Drugs and web.

5. Trails in Motion General Enquiry. From James Hallett

No problem Ben, hope you enjoy catching up on the last 4 years of Trails In Motion!

Essentially the festival really began for me while I was producing films and publishing Go Trail magazine, one of the world's first digital trail running magazines, back in 2010/11/12.

Because we are so absorbed by the online space, and because we as a platform were so reliant on the digital space to have our work seen, I felt that we needed to supplement that with a truly social and community-orientated "real world" experience. In fact, where it all started for us was when we finished production of "Mountain of Greatness" at the end of 2012. I said to my team that I was not prepared to just be satisfied with putting it online...I really wanted to tell people about the project face to face, and see their reaction to the film. So the first Trails In Motion Film Festival was started. From their we just focussed on making it more about the community and their experience watching and enjoying these films together in a social environment. In fact, the “Trails In Motion Experience” encompasses all that – films, good people, food and drink, socialising and engaging with likeminded people.

It is a huge thing to manage, especially now because we also have a separate MTB film festival which I’m sure you would’ve seen advertised as well, but it’s what I love doing and nothing satisfies me more than when I hear back from people who have enjoyed being at one of our screenings, or from a host who has connected with their local community in a way they may not have been able to before.

Thanks again for your support and I hope you get to attend more Trails In Motion screenings in the future!!

Keep on running!

Regards, James

-----Original Message----- From: Benji Juarez Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 7:43 PM To: James Hallett Subject: Re: Trails In Motion General Enquiry

Many thanks James! very much valuable data there in the list of videos. I would very much be grateful if you can give feedback on project.

How did you begin with the TrailsInMotionFilmFestival? Seems such a huge thing! Have you heard of anything similar in any other field?

Best, Benji

El mar, 9/19/17, James Hallett james@gotrailmag.com escribió:
Asunto: Re: Trails In Motion General Enquiry A: "Benji Juarez" benjij_1980@yahoo.com Fecha: martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017, 07:13 am
Hi Benjamin No problem at all. Glad to help in any way!! For many of the films that have featured on the past four editions of the Trails In Motion Film Festival, check out our YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/c/TrailsInMotionFilmTour And thanks for sending me you research project, I’ll certainly check it out! Regards, James -----Original Message-----
From: Benji Juarez Sent: Monday, September 18, 2017 7:43 PM To: James Hallett Subject: Re: Trails In Motion General Enquiry Hi James, Many thanks for the quick response. I am a runner myself and would like to know more about previous years films. And also I am a PhD research on the topic of ultrarunning, here my project: http://ramoneando.com/ultra/2017-01-23-project-exeter.html Any chance I could get a list of the films of the of the first three editions of the Festival? Many thanks in advance, Very best, Benjamin

El lun, 9/18/17, James Hallett james@gotrailmag.com escribió: Asunto: Re: Trails In Motion General Enquiry A: "Benjamin" benjij_1980@yahoo.com Fecha: lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017, 05:14 am Hi Benjamin Thanks for your message! We’re stoked that you enjoyed this year’s Trails In Motion Film Festival screening in Cordoba!! Unfortunately the full length clip is not available publicly, and we’re unable to distribute the films directly as we don’t own the rights to them, however please feel free to contact the guys at Mountains Legacy - Jordan, Cedric and Florent - who feature in the film...they may be able to assist you with your request - mountains.legacy13@gmail.com Thanks again for your support! Kind regards, James Hallett | Festival Director www.trailsinmotion.com www.facebook.com/trailsinmotion www.twitter.com/trailsinmotion www.instagram.com/trailsinmotion From: Benjamin Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2017 6:35 PM To: james@gotrailmag.com Subject: Trails In Motion General Enquiry Name: Benjamin E-mail: benjij_1980@yahoo.com I need information about:: Other (please specify in the comments block below) Comment: Hi, kudos on the event! it's awesome! I attended this year and the previous in Córdoba, Argentina. This year I couldn't catch the first film: ICELAND - Change Your Life. Any chance you could please send me just that one short film with an online link or a sort? Many thanks in any case, best wishes, Benjamin

6. Nice Housing for people living in the mountains. Green rooftops! You can use one on top of a container perhaps.

Desarrollan sistema modular para instalar techos verdes.

7. My own Training Decalog