🌊 ramoneando

training decalog

  1. "start with this" :)
    get out and enjoy!
    be mindful!
    be unmindful!
    don't overthink
    feel / unfeel / fly (but grounded) / where are you?
  2. seek a state of flow | have fun | but how much?
  3. play with worms, they tell you what you've been eating and give you something to give to others | play with other people, and non humans | fight solipsism
  4. nurture | otherway = death
  5. stretch | with pleasure
  6. be patient | persist | GOTO 1
  7. no need to strain | running can be:
  1. research | no need to underthink
  2. make pleasant combinations: 1725, 16411, 2345, 81044, 767267 | erase/forget list
  3. sometimes strain, for the sake of change
  4. heart | not all is psycho-physics | GOTO 32

Leyendo una entrevista de Gwen Bell a Charles E. Lehner encontré este documento sobre PeacefulActsOfOpposition. Me pareció que en algo coincidía con lo que pensaba acá. Parece que en el mismo sitio web tienen un análisis más en detalle, por Samuel Alexander. Finalmente DEGROWTH.

También una entrada de Wikipedia cita a Leo Babauta (Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.) y Vernon Howard (Try to see what attitudes rule your day, then ask what kind of a day you usually have). Además le imprime historia, y la veta religiosa y secular.