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Ben Greenfield at RichRoll Podcast #11 + #59 | 2013


A lot of insights from anti-ageing, low training, smart training per results, and general lifestyle considerations to take care of health, both physical and mental. The method for proper training in his book is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Bio-mark checking is a great deal: you want to focus on what is best for your specific situation. Example: you can check your heart rate variability, oxygen oxidation rates (with a simple pulse oximetry applied on your fingertips at morning), hsCRP (high‐sensitivity C‐reactive protein), a marker of systemic inflammation.

Another point is that Ben G focuses on how and when to exercise. Example: you can do a quick intensity workout before a huge meal to metabolize it properly, also with an easy walk afterwards. And you can increase your fat burning rate if you have a cold showed in the morning, which can also be a shift between cold and hot water to better your skin and metabolism. And he takes these showers both at morning and before sleep. Also uses a cold vest. All this helps out on increase testosterone. See more on his book (@greenfield2014beyond) on: Cryotherapy.

Other highlights of the show point out to attend on how you exposed yourself to light and electromagnetic recovery. Also adds that you shouldn’t use too much sunglasses.

He also focuses on not over-training in time. You can simply do regular easy exercise through the day with a standing desk and once in a while lifting heavy weights. This also accelerates the fat burning mechanisms.

Over the podcast there’s mention of other biohackers such as Joe Friel, Philip Maffetone, and Tim Ferriss.

By the end of the show he lights that the Regular Joe should attend to a couple few of elements in their internal biomarkers for diet/body to affect hormones and attention:

Ben Greenfield at RichRoll Podcast #59 | 2013

simple note: the aims are several in this authors proposed training. Health and Performance are important, but also longevity and happiness.