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East Coast Trail And Ultra Podcast | Episode 91: Communist Running Shoes | June 20, 2018

I once heard a podcast from the East of the Missisipi. This I thought was quite a white bread american thing to note, since this means little to nothing to foreigners. But basically the country may well be divided in two sides, to left and right of the map, so this is a huge natural geographical marker. Anyway, the show went on with a very enjoyable ultra runner, and ex Soviet Union home comer, established in America: Dima Feinhaus. For any reason I liked it so much that I heard it again and enjoyed it the second time as well. So I went back and heard the podcast series from the beginning of episode 0. And then heard episode 1 and went to 2.

From the chronological start I could listen at least a single 2 hours cut through the day thanks to washing dishes, commuting by car (listening through blue-tooth), and arranging things around the house while abstracting from reality with audio phones plugged in my cell. Some points of these podcasts marked the apparent boring life of one of the hosts as he says, which in fact makes him the funny one to hear because he laughs and gets surprised all the time, and has good imagination stating where he figures his guest can go in craziness in their ultra adventures. The other guy is cool too because doesn't seem to feel the need to do the conventional stuff, just play as it goes. Example.

Dima Feinhaus was hosted by the first, who I understand is a professional radio speaker, and he is one of the main magnets for that episode since he has excellent rapport with the unconventional guest and they even get to talk about Rocky IV's Ivan Drago and later on discussing communist shoe options and nice unknown races, just a short period before the Western States is ran that year. The other host is cool enough to explain how the Atlanta 10 K works as a huge happy and informal event, and also gets to discuss the Barkley Marathon with female guests avoiding a purely sausage festival.