® Benjamín Juárez

Pee | A non-neutral gender experience

I get home late in the night. The eight months old baby is already sleeping. I go through the dark living room into the bathroom and flick the light switch on. I notice that at the bottom of the toilet, there are several used paper towels inside: wet, white, and spread against the material, above water level, not floating.

I do what I need to do, #1. I see that the pee comes out in clear color. But when it reaches the toilet paper, it accumulates a little bit on the soft transparent material, and the color of the urine appears more yellowish and dark. In running laymen language this means I am under slight dehydration.

The unusual event is that I had noticed this kind of de-coloration before but only in extreme conditions of lack of water. Now I learn that a mild situation can still be detected when putting some element in contrast to the situation. I imagine that not many women, nor men, have had the chance to notice this on the go, quickly and naturally. Could other novelties be discovered upon these everyday situations? What else have I not yet seen?