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Reflecting on seeing the 2018 Interview

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman | Obama || It's a Whole New Ball Game Now

  1. Sociological Fiction. What about a parallel world in which negroes ruled the world? Perhaps that would not be another place, but perhaps just another timeline. Being white would be oppresed. But because what became dominant was not technology or money but rather customs of beliefs, rites, physical challenges, and so on.

Kusch had his toll in favor of the candidness of the familiar expression negra for family and beloved ones. Afro music would break through the world with beats, natural instruments, and the appreciation for live (not recorded nor replayable) music that doesn't need to be songs from start to finish but rather states of mind and being.

Blonde population as well as redheads would be persecuted. But doesn't the latter already happen, even if not clear if in a positive way or not?

  1. Obama tells a tale on how social media gives bias to all viewers: a not scientific experiment --but an experiment at low scale anyhow-- checked on a conservative, a liberal, and a moderate. And asked them to check on the events of a specific place under civil war, under the browser of their normal use, and they would just simply put the name of the place. The 1st sees crisis among the search results, the 2nd sees social liberation, and the 3rd sees vacation opportunities.