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Overcoming the chemical wall

Today I feel like running, and even after a hard session yesterday. Seems I've become more aware of ignoring limitations of muscle recovery and/or lack of sleep. Or perhaps I'm closer to my comfort area because yesterday's training was closer to aerobic than anaerobic.

I just nead to drink some water for a while and ready to go.

Also, yesterday I gifted some worms, which makes me happy.

However ... I drank some water, put my shorts on (even applied vaseline) and went to move the worms from one canaster to another. And while I was bending to the floor to spill some water I didn' need from a bucket ... I pulled my back, it yanked. I had it tough to get back straight. First time ever. Embarassing. Can I run now/today? I'll check for a while see the feel. But amazing surprise. No problem. It's part of the mental and physical resilience.

tags || chemical imbalance -- emotions/motivation -- mental endurance

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