🏃 ULTRA ramoneando

Training Day

As always, we began and ended with aproximately 20 mins jog for start and end. Also with short progressive sprints after the start, and after the end. The main training was series of 400 meters.

By the group I was asigned I had to do 400 meters in nearly 140 seconds. This to be done 12 times. The speed was intended to be kept at a steady pace throughout the whole series, which would get to a rhythm of 4,10 mins per kilometer: 100 meters in 50 seconds aprox. My average time was around 133-142 seconds on each stretch of 400 meters. These 400 meters each were fairly long distances to keep a quick speed. And it was longer distance than the previous attemps, from past days. I felt quite well, and did well too.

Holy moly! Anita is going to run 200K next month!! At San Martín De Los Andes. And I had thought she wasn't so trained as to do such a thing (she's doing plenty of cycling and yoga too, which I wouldn't have figured if I tried to guess). The race goes for 75 hours, her goal is to finish in 60.

We chatted a bit about chances to go with for other races. Marta is a graphic designer from Spain that lives here. She says she can with us if we go close enough to get a cheap deal. October Champaqui perhaps?

Back at home I had some isotonic beverage today, but I felt it a bit acid.

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