🏃 ULTRA ramoneando

Training day with Dante Ducret [DD]

Pre-Season on Mondays & Wednesdays at 7 PM [Parque Sarmiento]

We wait 10/15 mins after meeting time until others keep arriving. We make a 20 mins run up to behind Pabellón Argentina, where the Comedor Universitario is. Once there we do some stretches. After that we begin with some short 10 meter sprints alternated with equal distance of slow jog. Then we get to do a circuit [a measured distance that starts and ends at a same point] of 1200 mts and we're indicated to do a rythm near to %50-75 effort, and we get timed.

Later on we rest a very short while in a calm jog and sprints again and then get to a very interesting proposal. We are going to get timed in a 50 mts sprint two times. In my first pass I did 6,15 seconds. On the second sprint we were told to put an arm backwards and crouch a little to begin with a stronger stance. I didn't get it very clear so I got confused at the preparation time. I went slower the second time: near 6,50. Anyhow, I felt quite well again trying to run as fast as possible. Something in me is very at home running at highest speed.

After we were said that we could try to get outside of our comfort zone and that we could try ourselves as in exam, putting all to effort. So Dante said that we could give it a hard try and see if we could start ast fast as possible and then accomodate the rythm to what was possible, but not to start easy and then check out because that is just staying in the comfort zone.

So I did the try and started very fast, among the head of the pack. After some 300 mts I was still smooth but on 450 already felt a slight lower in my blood pressure so needed to slow down. At the half of distance I got passed by a girl that has similar rythm to my own but seems in the end is a bit quicker. The rest of the trail was trying to maintain the achieved rythm without slowing down, and that went ok.

The last of the class was cheerful, and the idea that we could continue to improve. The way back was to run another 20 mins back to the start, where the pool is and where we always get together.

At the pool we do some more exercises to train the core: lumbars, abs, and some leg movements. In between of series I was just lying on a mat, looking to the sky at 830 PM in summer, and this doesn't mean darkness, rather the amount of light at sunset where you can see the clouds and think about the infinity of life and the calmness of going outside, even if it's not perfectly the wilderness that we imagine in other (supposedly ancestral) times.

A side note on the use of space. Training sessions up to here were:

The overall feeling is that the runners own the space. Not that they can do more things than other passers-by, but rather that feel at home in several places, to spread into a huge area of public space.

This perhaps can find an excess when one, myself, believes that his importance of passing through a sidewalk is above that of cars. In law, this should be that the walker-by has priority over motorists. From the tactical point of view this may not be totally smart. I hope no ends in a bad game of frogger.