🏃 ramoneando

Carrera Solidaria | 5K

I have never ran such a short distance in my life. However it was for a good cause. The funds gained from the race went to a runner's eye operation. I wasn't very eager to go to the race because I had a nice party the previous evening: my cousin Machi was celebrating his 40th birthday. I just went a short while there and left the party before midnight: a storm was coming and I avoided by little.

On the day of the race I ran among the debrise of fallen trees. The start line was supposed to be in action by 9am, but once I arrived to the Park I realized that an hour or so remained until starting. I had to get into a line to get my number. Luckily I knew some of the organizers, and many friends of Dante's group, La Muni, were there and had a bit of a chat: one guy I stood in line with was as little prepared as I was, little rest, not taking special care of foods, but still there on the track.

Two out of the common observations: 1. very little people, like 200 persons. 2. I didn't run very quick, even if a short distance, just about 27 minutes. After the run I got some sweet stuff with flour and chatted a bit with Anita Cabral, and told her that we should be doing some trail race next month, she nodded. And after thinking for some seconds she commented that her brother had also ran the Black Rock Race, at the 42K distance. How much time would he have done? Santiago perhaps was his name.

Also, Dante Trainer would be preparing a group in January. Encouraging.