🏃 ramoneando

Pre-Race Day

We rented a place for Friday in Yacanto Calamuchita for the long weekend. It wasn't a work day since it's the supposed celebration of Virgin of Inmaculate Conception. The idea was to come over here for a night-race on Saturday, 16K my choice. The problem was that I didn't resolve to choose a proper head-light, which was reglamentary to participate. However, my hopes were that I could ask for recommendation once near the race and they told me that I didn't need of the expensive ones that were above 100 dollars. They were other options beginning close to 10 dollars. They did suggest that I would go best if the headlight had more than one lightbulb.

The spotlight recommendations I got from the organization of the race. The place was closed, near the main square, but crew were already sworming around. What may suffice was to be found in a simple handyman shop, or at a gas station. Back in the city I had looked up options among mountain sport shops, and those went with the highest prices, even near to 150 dollars.

At the gas station I found an option that I found reliable because it was not so cheap, had three light bulbs, and was a well known brand, energizer, it was almost 300 pesos, a rough 20 dollars. I tried it at night and felt happy that it was a good option for my first ever night race.