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topic: the Earth beyond its capacity to sustain life

15,364 | this is the most scientists to ever co-sign a published journal article.

15,000 Scientists Who Issued a Bleak 'Second Notice' to Humanity Say These 9 Steps May Save Us

By David Meyer

November 14, 2017

good news: ozone layer stabilized | the rest from 1992 got worse

two big trends climate change, and mass extinction event | cause: there are too many of us, and our consumption is out of control |

less cholofluorocarbons > less skin cancer | less extreme poverty and hunger

Recommendations for citizens

  1. have few/less kids
  2. the scientists also recommend a shift towards “mostly plant-based foods.”
  3. encourage environmental awareness
  4. Nature appreciation

Recommendations for policymakers

  1. reduce wealth inequality and ensure that prices, taxation, and incentive systems take into account the real costs which consumption patterns impose on our environment
  2. More nature reserves
  3. We need to establish a lot more “well-funded and well-managed” reserves to protect species in the sea and fresh water, in the air and on land.

  4. Stop wiping out ecosystems
  5. We need to stop converting forests, grasslands and other native habitats, and we need to restore plant communities that have already been slashed, “particularly forest landscapes.” Forests, lest we forget, aren’t just essential homes to many species; they also absorb greenhouse gases. Also, we need to re-wild certain areas.

  6. Stop wiping out animal species
  7. We’re undergoing the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history.

  1. Green technologies