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Learning Live: Sir Ken Robinson - Finding your element

7,202 views | by Pearson | Published on Jul 4, 2013 | Part 3 of 5

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The HDAD drugs do help to concentrate, but we don´t know the effects, on creativtiy personality, dependence to drug ... the diagnosis doesn´t rely on a blood test. It´s a subjective assessment. A generation of kids being druged to get them through education. This means something is wrong with the education system. 11% have this diagnosis in usa. "Being a human is being creative and going on a constant journey/quest". The idea is that you don't know the end but you're motivated to go forward. (My thought: What if I don´t want to do anything to earn something? Running allows a bit of this) (No utility, like art).

To be in your element you have to love it. (The end of the talk is great: know yourself and enjoy the effort and discovery of exploring the world, inner and outer!)