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miércoles, febrero 6, 2019, 6:44 am


Hello Running Cultures group,

I've recently joined and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Pete Phillips, I'm a live artist, theatre maker and academic based at the University of Chichester. My live art practice is undertaken as part of a duo collaboration called Search Party (www.searchpartyperformance.org.uk). Search Party have made a number of artworks that engage with sport, most notably 'Search Party vs...' - a durational site-based table tennis performance and 'Keep Going the Rhino!' - a studio performance about fun-running in the London Marathon. I'm particularly interested in sports commentary as a performance form, how language is used to reframe sporting spectacles. My PhD looked at how the commentary of the fun-runners in the London Marathon reframes participants as complicit in neoliberal ideology. I'm a retired amateur footballer, recreational runner and avid armchair sports fanatic. Looking forward to contributing to the group.

Best wishes


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