® Benjamín Juárez


Minitrekking 5 K walking on top of Glaciar Perito Moreno

Genesis | I Can't Dance

It is a funny experience to use crampons. You don't to get to feel the normality of walking. You have to think about what you're doing because the smoothness goes away and you have to pay attention to avoid falling over. At one point I am thinking so much about what I am doing that I over analyze and see myself probing strange movements even of the type of moving my arms and legs forward at the same time. The effect made obvious a old Phil Collins music video.

Sticks galloping

I notice that there's not a direct relationship between my hand and the sticks I carry to go through the mountain. One could figure that the way to go is press a stick each step with the opposite side, but since I am walking at a calm pace I can fool around and simply play and dance with the sticks and place them on the floor at random times.

mine craft

I notice a lot of human intervention for a short hike through the ice of the Perito Moreno Glacier. The human presence of piking into the ice to build foot steps on the ice floor reminds me of the virtual world of the minecraft video game. I like that. In that world the ice hook has a huge importance. Not so much here, but it's still fun to see it in action.

sliding glaciers joke

The guide seems fun and spontaneous, and yet how many times shall he repeat his jokes along his years of work?

The glacier looks like it's still but it's actually moving all the time. [gesticulates a quick knee bending as if in a fall] [laughter]

blind poles and dark sun glasses

Once the excursion ended I walked through down town with the sticks and the sun glasses I used to avoid the ice reflection on the snow. Once I go inside a bathroom I notice in the mirror that I have the sticks in my hands and the dark glasses on: it really looks like a blind person.