® Benjamín Juárez


Sweat Cooling

Along with the windy days come many challenges in the outdoors. We go out in the sun and find fun without games in the trails of the mountains. We begin to get used to dressing and handling our food rations so that they give enough energy and still are not too much weight in our backs while going up the gravel roads.

One new noticeable element is the sweat that comes with the effort of moving around the mountains. This is because you need sheltering clothes and gears against the cold, wind, and sun rays as well as proper training and mindset. It is better to be prepared for the cold and not under dress. But with the covering layers comes the unbuttoning and unzipping of clothes under the body's own sweat and the sun's heat. This is when the cold shivering stops by when you stop moving. A good thing is that you keep moving right away and this rush of excessive coolness goes away swiftly.

At the end of the road today we are talking about how people manage to get take over lands for housing and other novel activities. One important mention on how wild spaces are occupied comes to an American series called Wild Wild Country, which I am told is about how Osho establishes a territory in America and how that goes down. I had somewhat of good thoughts on Osho since he had influenced Sloterdijk. Maybe intellect and political decisions don't always go hand in hand, see Heiddeger.

Reading recommendations: Michael Taussig + Paul Stoller