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Powder 8 Podcast | Ep 007 Mike Foote Interview | A Constant Evolution | 75mins

published on 2017-05-30T22:29:33Z

Ep 007 Mike Foote — A Constant Evolution
Mike’s love for adventure runs deep. His journey west for a college education turned out to also be an education in the mountains where he developed a passion for the outdoors. His post college days took him to Whitefish, Montana where he ski patrolled and began dabbling in trail running, for which he would later become well known. He then transitioned to ski patrolling at the late Moonlight Basin (now Big Sky Resort) where he retired from his ‘James Bond’ ski patrol career to pursue running full time. His focus on running has led to numerous top finishes in iconic ultra running races such as the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc & the Hard Rock 100, as well as a first place and a course record on the Big Horn 100. In 2015 Mike, along with teammates Mike Wolfe & Steven Gnam, ran 600 miles from Missoula, Montana to Banff, Alberta, Canada across a region known as the Crown of the Continent. In the past few years Mike has re-shifted his running focus to skiing in the winter months, exploring the backcountry and becoming a leader in the new (to the US) sport of ski mountaineering racing. Mike’s accomplishments speak for themselves, but it’s his demeanor and thoughtfulness that really shine in this interview. Enjoy!