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National Running Show | Interview with Dean Karnazes | 22 mins

Promoting The Road to Sparta, Dean's last book. Karnazes says that he spends a lot of time doing mental training, since ultra is mostly a sport of the mind. Also that he is an introvert so he needs some alone time, and this is why he takes at least an hour or two every day which happen to be running.

Interviewer asks if he's ever passed out. No research here: he explained his bad BadWater in 2005 book. Karno responds with ease and says that he is nervous about every marathon thinking he is not sure if he could finish. Failing is always there: you can't guarantee that all is going to be well.

DNF | Plenty of meanings to same acronym (Did Not Finish / Did Not Fail / etc) | Did Nothing Fatal. How to avoid this? Dean is not the person to ask, since he has been on the risky edge, passed out.

Duvet day? His wife would love it!

5 year preparation for a 2019 plan (again, the importance of logistics!) is running a marathon in every country. 203 countries, 109 have organized marathons. In the rest, the 1st marathon will be ran, if not in a organized event at least with a gps for a (ad hoc) marathon route. Some countries the US State Department would not authorize (with a Visa) that he may get out of the airport so he may as well use a treadmill in places such as North Korea, Syria, Iran, Irak, Afganistan. Fiji is a nice place to go since it has tropical beaches.

Advice for new comers to running: don't count distance, but rather time. Each person at his own pace.

Note. Perhaps the author's inclination for Sparta makes him a fan of the comic/movie 300