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Message from the Running Cultures Mail List

Introducing performance academic James Layton

martes, octubre 16, 2018, 12:36 pm

Dear all,

Hope you are well. There have been a few new members to the list such as Zejun Yao who’s told us about his event today (break a leg!). It is wonderful that there are researchers, artists and runners keen to keep finding ways to work running into their work. Others who are new/old/lurking on the list are welcome to (re-)introduce themselves and see how best to make use of the diverse expertises and interests of this group. I will share updates about the forthcoming RUN! RUN! RUN! Biennale 2018 soon (which is co-curated this year with Dr Vybarr Cregan-Reid and hosted at Paris School of Culture and Arts), but here I would like to introduce Scotland-based performance academic Dr James Layton. I will just share our exchange (James’ self-intrduction followed by my recommendations of people in the group and beyond who may find resonances with his work) which James has given permission to share. Feel free to start/keep the conversations going. Many thanks.

Best, Kai

Running is something that I've been interested in - and actively putting the miles in! - for a long time although I've always regarded it as something distinct from my research interests. As a Performance academic (specifically drama and theatre), I'm interested in duration, time and endurance and, lately, I've been considering the relationship between this and my own practice of running. I'm also interested in exploring the relationship between running and place / space. This interest in place / space and psychogeography and, in particular, using the derive as a means of exploring city spaces leads me to wonder what role running has as a form of derive with potential to uncover new meanings and mappings. I've also been thinking about (and these are only nascent thoughts at the moment) the transformational potential of running and whether it can be regarded as a contemporary rite of passage.

I've been aware of the Running Cultures network for a while but I was led back to it today via the thoughts outlined above. I read your article in Sport & Society, which I found very interesting - thank you. I also think that there is much to be learned from expanding the discussion around running and art and I hope to be part of that future discourse.

All best


Dr James Layton FHEA Lecturer in Performance University of the West of Scotland Ayr Campus Room 2.006 01292 88 6461

You’ve come to the right place! There are loads of geographers here who would be work on running and place/space, including Hayden Lorimer, do you know him? He’s in the same country as you :) He’s at Glasgow and a highly accomplished runner and writes performatively about running.

Lots of artists here relating running and performance incl Carali McCall - drawing, stamina), James Steventon (also drawing) and zejun Yao doing his PhD at leeds.

Then there’s Andrew Filmer at Aber with a similar profile in that he’s in theatre and looks at running terms of movement. He’s been running with his students for a long while! So pedagogy too. His student Kieran Holland is doing a super interacting PhD on running explored in terms of performativity and theatricality.

There’s also a group called field of vision which you could sign up for too, so that’s sport and art, so, a wider remit. Broderick chow is there and he’s at Brunel, also theatre and performance and looking at gender and weightlifting not running as such, and is doing an ahrc project around that.

Welcome and hope you find resonances with people here -do post your activities! Questions! Observations etc!

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