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Q: I’ve never done this before / I can’t write fiction
A:  ~ yes you can ~

so fi zine

a sociological fiction publication


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can criminologists (et al) submit?
A: Yes. So Fi Zine publishes creative work that is the outcome of or inspired by social science in general

Q: Can I submit poetry?
A: Yes. All forms of fiction are welcome – prose, poetry, prose-poety… Feel free to submit visual art and other sociological craftings too

Q: I’ve never done this before / I can’t write fiction
A:  ~ yes you can ~

Q: Do authors retain copyright?
A: Yes, authors retain all copyright and may republish as they like. Please note that the piece was originally published in So Fi Zine and link to sofizine.com wherever possible

Q: Where will this be available?
A: Right here sofizine.com

Q: When is the next call for submissions?
A: The call for Edition #4 submissions will open in August 2018.

Q: When will the next edition of So Fi come out?
A: Edition #3 launches in late June 2018

Q: I’m only a student, can I submit?
A: Yes!

Q: Is there a theme?
A: No. Pieces can be about anything (sociological)

Q: How do I submit?
A: Please send your submission as a word document attachment (standard font etc please) with a <50 word bio to ashleigh.watson@griffithuni.edu.au

Q: What are some examples of sociological fiction?
A:Check out previous editions of So Fi Zine to see the kind of work that is published. There are also many books that arguably sit on the blurry border of sociology/fiction – WEB DuBois, Frank Parkin, Ann Oakley, Patricia Leavy, Gabriel Tarde, and David Buckingham have all written novels.

Q: Why?
A: I think there are many reasons sociologists should work with fiction. I’ve written about fiction as a method for public sociology in Cultural Sociology; Theory Culture Society published a special e-issue on fiction and social theory in 2015; The Sociological Review is currently running a blog series on sociology and fiction; and The Sociological Imagination often posts on fiction and sociology too.

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