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2018-08-05 (Sunday)

terrains, stepping and night visibility

sidewalks are made in the park intended for casual walkers and passers-by, the main theme is recreational and calm, the floor colors are painted in cheerful basic colors of red green yellow and blue. this is the style of the path from Plaza España up to Ciudad de Las Artes. further on, the sidewalk has blocks and then there is plain cement and dust, sometimes tree roots.

at one point in my running today a car came forward through the sidewalk, this is because on weekends many people come just to enjoy the green space and their is not much control of what motorists do. side note: a motorcycle had crashed in the street next to me path in front of Tribunales Federales. Fortunately nobody was hurt apparently. reminds me of @gusfield1984drinkdrive.

open the doors of perception, the mind and the transcendent sense of oneness

stop thinking (about the body) and just move forward. Today I saw a movie I liked on pychoactive drugs: it was wery good, Neurons to Nirvana [2013v]. Reminded me of Innsaei. Feel.