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6 chapters on Manicures different meanings
  1. To Trim
  2. To Cut
  3. To Beautify
  4. To Clean up
  5. To Shape, to give form
  6. To Polish

Notes on Manicured Landscapes on Dolomites, by Philip Vannini etal 2018

Interviewees have 1st and last name, and a visible face. Not anonymous by default. I agree with this perspective, but how and why is anonymous the default? I recall the comic writer Harvey Pekar (see American Splendor, 2003 film) stating that his friends and acquaintances liked to be included in his stories, so why not follow that type of recognition?

Notes on 10 Lessons from Living Life Off the Grid by Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggert | The Tyee video

turning the biosphere to a humansphere is no longer sustainable in the long term

The article itself on alternet.org