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Wild Love - Krissy Moehl

It's a very individual sport. I have to take every single step to get from the start to the finish. But I don't know that I could or necesarily would want to, without the energy that comes out from the community. I think everybody has the oportunity to find something that speaks to them. I feel so lucky that I found mine so young in life. And it's pretty amasing how it's carried me through.

I've made decisions based on how I get to continue to have running in my life. [my note: definitely where to live inside a certain city!]

After UTMB there was not much left for goals as for personal life! A friend committed suicide 3 weeks later. I was hiding from reality and all suddenly came kicking in: physical devastation, emotional breakdown, ...

There is a point where running is taking me very high, and then dropping me very low

You have to be able to balance the highs and lows.

Running so many miles shows you your strength and this applies to life as well:

"when life takes you down, and it's hard, you know that you can come back through it, and find something to lift you up again. And sometimes that another person, or something within."

There's so much more to racing than just crossing the finish line. The first thing for me is being in that setting and having a good time.

Wining is not the priority. I love running! I want to be happy when I'm running. I want to be smiling, want the people that there with me to have a good time. I want that kind of energy going.