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How to run 100 miles

A semi-rad story

The video is about two friends that are not actual runners but like challenges and find fun in doing crazy things and doing them together makes it easier. They are well aware of from the pack being extreme underdogs. One of the runner's been dyslexic since young. He got bullied and learned to wrestle: waited 2 years until his first win, extremely patient.

The script is very valuable. It gives details of what they did and didn't do, and how they learned everything. For example on weekends they didn't read the paper nor have brunch with their girlfriends. Also they could eat a lot, and that energy was spent but on the other side, they needed to make deposits whenever and wherever they needed to, in the middle of it all. Rookie mistake: try to wipe with a dry pine cone. The pain will not go away, instead it will change places. You'll try anything to make it less worse: ice, lubricants, foam rollers, even stretching.

At this moment: I hate running, I hate the mountains, and I hate this fucking sandwich.

Sometimes, when your friend is also your hero, you just do what he does.

Once they ended the race they didn't go on training together. Perhaps they do it again, perhaps not. Just remain with the happynes of knowing they could make it up to there.

Their rules/lessons learned from this experience were:

  1. It helps to have a friend along
  2. It's going to be a struggle at times
  3. You have to put in the work
  4. Eventually, you have to start the race
  5. Commit
  6. You have to keep moving
Their Plan: 1278 miles of training for 6 months. Nearly 343 K average by month.