🏃 ULTRA ramoneando

Training with DD | 7 pm

There are 4 main areas of functional work. Speed, Coordination, Resistance, and Strength. Today we did mostly the first two but a bit of the other as well.

One surprising point is that F told we that he got sick some years ago and got into a diabetic comma, and his doctor told him that he would be insulin dependant for the rest of his life. After 3 months he left the injectable insulin. After 4 more months he was cured. This story and others are frequent for him among what impulsed him, which is budhism, and trying to bring up the best from within. Not asking for things to change to something or someone else. Amazing, and inspiring.

Another surprise was that he had told me some months before that he had the expectation to run a marathon by the end of year. But now he told me a bit further that he would like to train for an ultra by the year 2019 or 2020 perhaps.

Another point of conversation was that the past weekend I had contacted him and his friend to do a long run but he couldn't because he was taking care of his kids and his friend was with a bit of a set of sore muscles. According to F his friend sometimes is a bit idiosincratic since he makes up his own ideas and sometimes goes against the recommendations of the current trainer. So he believes that he can follow a website plan and perhaps sometimes disattending what his own body is telling him to take care of.