🏃 ULTRA ramoneando


Once upon a time I began running, following my dad's example. The cholesterol runs high in the family blood, so up to there we can have a conversation on genetics and what is natural. I started around age 12 or 14, and just enjoyed moving around with a calm pace that just freshened the mind. On that track I just kept running longer and longer distances until I stopped for a long while.

Some times the environment helps me remind of the old days in which I began running. Now for instance I am running in the same public park as in the beginning: Parque Sarmiento. The place is quite nice and green and expanded enough to not repeat the views of circuit too much. However, there are a lot of mixed populations that make to bizarre encounters.

I remember when I was in my teen years I was running in one of the inner laps of the park, where there is a little less circulation, also on a random weekday during work hours. And I found that next to the sidewalk there was a car with a person seated inside and a woman was giving head. Today I saw the same kind of situation in broad light and in a more circulated area. The 1st time was where cyclists train, and the 2nd was in front of the amusement park SuperPark. Seems perhaps lightning can strike more than twice in the same place.

All hail conviviality.