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Intermittent Native

It's been a while that I notice that the anthropological category of native is not very useful today when a lot of people just do things once in a while. Scott Jurek shows this in his book but as a reason to keep doing what he does, running. But the same applies for wandering around different activities. This is show an a ethnography by Gabriel Kessler: Sociología del delito amateur (2004-2010). Here he shows how his interviewees sometimes work and other times go out for robberies, without identifying completely with any of the two activies (page 34).

A complementary reading for this could be the reknown article by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro: O nativo relativo. Also, it seems that there is a certain fuzzyness of boundaries of behaviour as Mike Michael shows in his study on Family Doctors when diagnosing the need for a study on possible cervix cancer. That is, not only do activities start and finish in different periods of a lifetime but also you can be doing one thing and the opposite almost at the same time as well.