🏃 ULTRA ramoneando


  1. Moving forward through the left sidewalk of the Avenue Richieri I see Fede on the other side moving away from the park while I am gaining terrain into it. He is not in my path but rather behind and we both feel ok to just wave and interchange comments that we hope to train together soon. A simple quick chat with no offense taken by no handshaking, rather the contrary: the pleasant feeling of something good to come soon.
  2. Moving downhill through the most outer side of the park, on Bajada del Pucará I cross eye sight with a struggling runner who I don't know but recognize as a long runner with a camel back of liquid and a specially low pace that is distinctive of slow long runs on weekends. Once I am at a short distance and where/when our gestures are most visible I slowly move my fist up and close to me (no agression whatsoever, rather the contrary) to show strength but in a friendly way and she appreciates the gesture. A woman perhaps two decades above my own age and we speak the same language.
  3. Moving through the pavement I get to a familiar intersection I use in every run and I notice that one of the people that charges for public parking is telling other people in cars where to put the car, only that he is sending them against the allowed direction of circulation, that is, into the wrong way. And I say one simple thing contramano viejo (against traffic man). That may seem (and perhaps is) an insignificant interaction but two important roles in public spaces. Also to consider is the stretching of laws and the amount of car accidents in these latitudes.
  4. Moving sideways to a filming against the SuperPark amusement park I first hear a person singing a rap song, then I notice that he is pointing towards a camera and two fancy cars with their lights on to the dusk. One of the cars is perhaps a high end level of Toyota, and the other is Audi. I think how would they get those kind of resources and am not sure what could be possible. Also serious musicians are supposed to lip sync as far as I know when doing videos, but perhaps I am misinformed.
  5. Moving through the grass I notice a girl who stopped running and is speaking on the phone that she has attached to her arm and I think, what a waste of time to stop running and see to a phone call, but perhaps it was an meaniningful and/or expected call. What would I know?