Wim Hof | 10 Week Ice Bath Cold Shower Training Course

So this guy WH trains to adapt to cold. Reasons? Many, both psychological and physiological, and more. I went to the cold in summer more than a year ago, so in preparation I did nearly 6 weeks and it reaped effects: I felt strong, no cold, and I enjoyed at a very high level the meditation sessions. Also, it does not take up much time. Here I want to point out an index of his 10 week daily training course. Set what are the duration of each session, exercises during the session, and post exercises for cold showers.

Week 1 | 34mins | Cold Shower 30 seconds at end

Week 2 | 33mins | Cold Shower 30 seconds at beginning

Week 3 | 40mins | Cold Shower 1 minute to begin + 1 minute to end

Week 4 | 64mins |

Week 5 | 64mins | Cold Shower 10 minutes

Week 6 | 39mins | Cold Shower + Breathing [Inhale and retain 30 seconds during and at end]

Week 7 | 59mins | Breath before accessing Cold Shower + [Inhale and retain 60 seconds at beginning and at end]

Week 8 | 11mins

Week 9 | 15mins

Week 10 | 8mins