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Practice FUN! Can you learn to find things funnier? | Part of video on Jimmy Fallon

Everything is a habit. So it seems that you can become accustomed with laughing and having a nice time in several environments. You can even trigger this habit. This can also be good practice to learn to stay in good mood, and persevere in harsh times. There's another video on Tony Stark and how he uses humor to make a point in his favor, also by Charisma on Command.

That's why I saw Deadpool today. Again. It's nice to notice the mood swings by the main character. That is, he's not a blind optimist (or maybe is) but he detects the bad times and takes them in with awareness. Example: There is a scene in which he attacks a number of enemies and has limited resources (bullets), he celebrates the good shots and complains about the bad ones, he does so in a very light-weigthed manner, dictating alternatively "Good Deadpool" and "Bad Deadpool". The high point is that he always ends up on a good remark. Always a pat on the shoulder.


REVISED QUALIFYING CRITERIA | The CMA has confirmed that qualifying events for the 2020 Comrades Marathon will include all official marathons being held between 24 August 2019 and 4 May 2020.


Today I learned by a not shortcut, by an extended out of the road conduct, that many people are addicted in some sense to watching videos online. This guy Jarvis explains how the algorithm works. Basically it's not the old school idea that the company is going to send you more videos that others simply like and subscribe, or the ones that you explicitly state. Rather today it's the amount of time you spend with something on that indicates that you are there, and you'd like to have more of that, on and on. This is constantly tuned by live feedback.

I think you'll watch roughly ten minutes of this nerds video

That's quite a habit prediction on the side of Machine Learning! The algorithm squeezes our watch time!

This is quite an illuminating and informative video. Not only I learn how something works technically, but also that there are habits that are not very personal but rather huge masses of the world are under a sort of average almost hypnotic addiction. How many can we count of this and other types of dependencies?


So we don't want many rules but we don't want caos either. Many of us found ourselves with a sense of Audioslave's Show me how to live & Queens of the Stone Age's No One Knows.

I didn't run yesterday. So I couldn't comply yet with the #twodayrule:

don't go two days in a row without practicing what you want to get as a habit

I really appreciate that Matt D'Avella got this idea/rule out.

At least I already drew a calendar in my whiteboard. I am sure agadmator would complement this it the line of: you are a good preparer of habits with whiteboard. Nice resources. Thanks internet.