🏃 ramoneando

2017 running log


  • 10.18 Dante guided the group for a fun run through the city side of the river. It was fun running with the pack and chatting with several runners. The course however was full of obstacles that I've found once in a while but seldom all together.

    The access to the first round about was through a thin boulevard in middle of cars passing to one side and the other (mega frogger situation). Then we went next to a highway were cars passed quite fast, also the path was not marked all the way: some sections were just grass, with bumps, holes, and small bushes and branches going under bridges. And through the several bridges we went through we went below some streets, and through above streets we met some traffic street lights. Also some parts next to the river didn't have any rail ways and some places stinked. A nice benefit was passing through graffiti places otherwise unnoticed, and if I don't get wrong I believe a pair of two persons were about to bomb a site.

    All in all it was an awesome run on the social part. Before arriving I saw Mer Muiño on the way, I just yelled her name from the other side of the street and she waved back with very good spirit, nice person. Once arrived to the class, or running group, people were mostly friendly, beginning with Dante Ducret, my friend. Also the other runners, one who had trained with me the past wednesday on the prior time frame. Also Marta, from Barcelona chatted a bit and complimented my minimalist shoes for good posture. Another runner also noticed the shoes, and later on again when we fininshed. Something that had never happened to me before in LatinAmerica: not that I had many situations for it, on that matter.

    Unexpected surprise is that one of the team one the last Buenos Aires Marathon: Pedro Luis Gómez, Brook sponsored, 2h31m40s. Seemed quite a nice guy. We all chatted a bit an a after run gathering to celebrate his victory and the ammenity of participating in such a good group. A funny comment by Dante was that we can all hope to get close to Pedro's achievements, but we hope he doesn't go to far away.

    10.29 I saw a nice cascade, and a small grained beach in Fantasio. Soothing.