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Lo and Behold [film]

The Law of Big Numbers allows for ignoring the individual cases and predicting tendencies.

Ted Nelson

Water passes through and around a stone. The flow doesn't stop and the water that goes one way and another is all the same. All is interconnectivity. How to research it?

  1. if you always try the same you're crazy.
  2. if you don't get the desired result, then you try again.

Harry Cressler

UDACITY. Free education to do stuff.

IV. Life with no Net

Green Bank has a 16 km no wireless device area: Free Radiation Space [Open Space Dome]. Floor would have a 7,83 hertz frecuence: Earth's emissions, a "natural rythm". Car can be a Faraday Cage: metal impedes radiation to enter. Tin foil hat increases.

RESTART. For internet adiction.

V. The end of the net

SOLAR FLAIR. As Carrington: similar effect to Aurora Boreal. When Hurricane Sandy... 99% with no electricity. Lawrence Krauss: "modern civilization collapses". How to survive? It's a Mazlow's situation: seeking for food and shelter.

Online Video. What Was the Carrington Event - The Most Powerful Solar Storm on Record: "Today, our entire civilization depends on wires." (min 5/7). 1989 something small on this scale happened already. 2012 also but the flair missed the Earth. We were spared the mayhem.

VI. Earthly Invaders

DEFCON at LA. 20000 persons. Kevin Mitnick. Former Hacker. Had made his name as an artist/magician. Houdini's real name was Eric Weiss.

VII. Internet on Mars

You would need food, air, water


We have no record of what has been happening online. All passes. We may remember this time as the Digital Dark Age.

IX. Internet of Me

wiki. emergency project

X. The Future