The Bridge on the River Kwai [1957]

Mayor Shear's View

– What are you doing? I didn't give orders for a halt.
– We all need it.

– We're still five hours' fast march from the objective. Maybe six. Come on.
– You keep walking on that foot, you'll bleed to death.

– Yeah. You're gonna leave me here.
– If you stop, we stop.

– You can't study the layout of the bridge after dark. You've got to get there before sundown.
– But, sir, when the job's done, who knows if we can return by this route ..... or whether we could find you if we did?

– If you were me, I wouldn't hesitate to leave you and you know that.
– He doesn't know it, but I do. You'd leave your own mother here if the rules called for it.

– You'll go on without me. That's an order. You're in command now, Shears.
– I won't obey that order. You make me sick with your heroics. You carry the stench of death like the plague. Explosives and L pills go well together. It's one thing or the other. Destroy a bridge or destroy yourself. This is just a game, this war. You and that Colonel Nicholson, you're crazy with courage. For what? How to die like a gentleman, how to die by the rules ..... when the only important thing is how to live like a human being! I'm not gonna leave you here to die, Warden ..... because I don't care about your bridge or about your rules. If we go on, we go on together.