Jessica Jones

the sandwich saved me [s01e05]

– I need a little bit, you know? Just... Just to wean myself off.
– I'm not gonna help you kill yourself.

– I mean, why not? I'm useless to you. To anybody.
– Yeah, at the moment. Yeah. But, a while ago, you were gonna help people. Social work, right?

– Look at me. Who am I gonna help like this?
– You have a choice now.

– I took pictures of you.
– Because he made you.

– Sometimes I did it just for the drugs. Think about it, I met him once a day. 10:00 a.m. His controls don't last that long. You know they don't. – That's why he got you hooked, so you would show up.

– I'm telling you that I had a choice. Kilgrave will find me. I'll be dead anyway. Please just give me my goddamn drugs. Just give me... Just give me my goddamn drugs!
– You're right. I can't save you. The whole time he had me, there was some part of me, some tiny corner of my brain that tried to get out. But if you give up... I lose. Do you get that? He did this to you to get at me. To isolate me. To make me feel like an infection, one more person dead or dying because of me. So why don't you remember how to be a goddamn human being again instead of this self-pitying piece of shit that he turned you into, and save me for once? You choose.