® Benjamín Juárez

MASTER CLASS | DAVID FINCHER | May 8, 2020 Centro Universitario de Artes TAI
Why do you use so much green and yellow? They are so hard to combine!

Sony is one of the greater offenders. But there was a lot of pink that was injected into making people look healthy and happy [...] I hate that, I think it sucks. The idea of pink, happy people is fraudulent and needs to be destroyed. So I may over do it sometimes... It's not so much that I have a love for green, but as much of a hatred for pink.

Pato says
Es una percepción caprichosa y limitada. Respeto su opinión como director porque sus películas son excelentes, pero a la vez son muy apagadas visualmente. Cinematográficamente es standard. Compáralo con Nolan, Kubrik, Tarantino... Fincher es muy normal (visualmente).