Milton Glaser

from Hillman Curtis 6 years ago

Esto lo leĆ­ porque Jason Locy, de fivestone le hizo una entrevista al cineasta.

if you feel close to the life of an artist, that has a relationship to the role of art in culture; which is essentialy a benign role. My belief is that I like Mozart and you like Mozart we already have something in common. So the likelyhood of our killing each other has been diminished. The art has this pacifying function in culture. And its practitioners create commonalities, they create things together. And I'm quoting Lewis Hyde who wrote about primitve cultures where there is an exchange of gifts that cannot be kept, have to be passed on: the passing on of gifts is the device to prevent people from killing one another, because they all become part of a single experience. Artists do this in culture, they provide this gift.