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Who would you like to have been if you reincarnated?

Rafa Nadal appears on the tv: but on a golf course. Actually it was on ESPN channel during advertising when golf competition was on going. I wasn't really watching this, I was just using the pc on the family couch and my wife came to say hi on Sunday and we both noticed this appearance after I glanced to the screen and said "how cool!". To which she replied "who would you like to be if you could be a reknown sports person?"

First of all I liked the question, and it left me thinking. I should need to decide which amounts and kinds of sports I'd like the most. She liked Nadal with his moxy/garra. The sports my mind ranged through would be chess, running, judo, soccer, tennis. One person I compared to Nadal was Steve Pre Prefontaine. Who else is there to it? I recall the article titled groat in the short web address from Runner's World: Great Runners of All Time. Article by Mark Remy. And some more info on Zapotek, Bekele and other great icons, even on Pre:

While his legend may have been magnified by his untimely death, there is no doubt that the man they lovingly called "Pre" had miraculous talent and mental fortitude and was surely one of the GOATs of his sport.