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Training Day | Pre-Season

As always we gather at the pool. But sometimes, like today, the public access is closed because of pool maintenance. Some of us know that you can reach the same point of reunion going to the side entrance. But some missed it and got later to class because of that.

As is custom we went jogging to a further place apart to do some exercises. We did an aprox 20 min jog up to Las Brujas: A National University Building in the local statal campus, near universitarian neighbourhood. There's a circuit of nearly 1 K and has a lot of ups and downs. So the deal was to first do a recognition lap. Then we were to do these stretches in a very calm fashion in all even and downhill pieces. On the uphills we were to do an 80% effort. I finished around 30 seconds behind my group after 4/5 laps... I lost the count. Important thing is that they assigned me to run with people that go quite fast, 2 girls and a guy: Poli, Flavia, C├ęsar. I felt very tired. But it was a great day. The calm parts assigned for mild running were not easy at all, it was not a slow pace, but rather the base pace they normally do. We were to jog slowly on downhills and even terrain, and stay as group at all times, which I partially failed to do.

Besides everything, I told Dante --the class professor-- that I need some stretching because I felt quite sore. I said this at the beginning of the class. And at the end he took measurements on how everyone was on that point. We would put our feet apart at shoulder width and place our hands in between and stretching backwards to the floor and check where our fingers could reach. I did 18 cms. And the very low average of the class. My achiles. Most people were around 25, and one even reached up to 31 cms.

However the balance is optimal. We're doing a lot of work and I trust that I'll be seeing progress. Not that I looked for it but it's good training and good learning. And I can't run much further or better without this. So welcome it all.

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