🏃 ramoneando

Pre-race Same day

I went at 0955am to the local inscription center, 5 minutes prior to the time assigned to retire the kit for the race. Inscriptions were still available as well, which surprised me, since this is not always posible in long distances.

I was interested in seeing the shoe options, since I already need a change on my sets. I had previously interchanged messages with Daniel, connected through Pedro Gómez, with recommendations for Brooks, and to visit his showroom in Maestro Vidal and Ruta 20. He told that he had some minimalist options available, so it'd be very nice to see them once back to Córdoba. Another surprise was that the inov-8 brand was sponsoring the race, which showed a logo in the bag with some food, and my running number.

Aside from shoes, they were plenty of other shops arranged in stands arranged with the sole purpose of this race, that is, they were only there by Saturday, and weren't there the day before or after. One normal set that was already being arranged the prior day were the huge inverted U's made of plastic and air-filled, that serve as start/end line for the race, in the center of the main city square.

One of the first other shops that I noticed had some options for hydration and protein bars. So I saw some bars, and gels, which are used to fuel during the race. Also I got offered some powders, to be mixed with water, to get electrolytes. I just saw all the items, continued on to the other stores, and later on came back.

The other shops had shirts, shorts, and all other running apparel such as camelbacks, socks, and whatnot. The only other item that I found missing for me was vaseline, which I bought on Friday, and some sunglasses, that I've been intending to buy for some time, but andy told me that I should use hers.

Once back to the first drink-food spot, I got bought the gel, a bar, and a small can of powder to try it out. Later I realized that it contained protein from the seurin of cow milk, which I'm not much in favor to. So I changed for a version that didn't center too much on regaining muscle, but rather just what you need to re-hydrate: green-apple flavoured. I would have prefered orange, but that's what was available.

It's curious that the guy who sold me these items had a brochure with the options he offered, and properties of each product. On top of that, he had a personal card: el Gaby Valdez, from Villa General Belgrano. Andy noted: I think I know that guy from the tv. Anyhow, he didn't seem too slim, so I didn't find myself following all of his advices, even if well intended.

My ankles feel like stretching so I let the point of my foot go as far as they can and they make a springing noise. Does this help?


So I lost my night-trail virginity. I had some plans but most of them came apart pretty soon in the race. #1 thing was that I couldn't avoid walking in long parts of the race since virtually everyone did so in the steep uphills. My plans gone to wreck were:

  1. Keep a 180 RPM cadence. Most people check on their speed at a minutes per kilometer/mile rate. I think that with proper cadence you can run steadily without getting to heavy without noticing.
  2. Focusing on leaving my foot strike behind, and not focusing on stretching the foot forwards. This would help to not break the forward momentum.
  3. Keep my torso light, I tend to send my shoulders backwards a little too much.
  4. Check on breathing, bostly exhaling.
  5. Unplanned thing gone well: nutrition. I had plenty of liquid and salts because I began with a bottle of water with gel. Also I had an extra bar for midroad.

It was supposed that there was going to be a technical talk. I thought maybe they would say how to avoid getting hurt against the rocks in the downhills, or how to stay away from the barb wired fences. Instead they just said that there would be hidration posts with some snacks at kms 5 7,5 & 11.

Each time I would get some potato chips, gum candies, banana, and a bit more of liquid.

Surprise: I slipped and fell twice in a one meter downhill. Next time choose better shoes and perhaps carry a cane. Lights were just fine. Nice Race. To be repeated.

Other surprise: I was going with little protection for my legs. So I followed a double advice from a fellow runner at the beginning of the race: have fun, and take care of some kind of compression sock. This way your calves stay tight and with good blood circulation. Also it helps the anckles to go with enough strentgh not to get bent.