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De: "Kai" kai@KAISYNGTAN.COM A: RUNNING-CULTURES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Mensaje original Vista imprimible Dear all,

Hope you are well. I am writing to introduce Simon Fenoulhet, an artist based in Cardiff who has just joined the group. Here is his introduction:

I’m a visual artist based in Cardiff who has an established career working with light but I’ve become increasingly interested in running over the last year as I’ve started to run in a wider variety of locations. I’ve begun to think about running as a way of experiencing landscape in a heightened state of awareness, navigating the terrain, scanning the route and coming away with a feeling of direct contact with the geography I’m immersed in.

I’m planning some rural running in Carmarthenshire for next spring, based in an artist run space called Melin Glonc. I want to run the paths and tracks that connect the mill with other settlements nearby and find ways to record my runs so that I can share the experience with others. I’m hoping that doing this as part of a group will help me to make sense of the activity by discussing it with others. I’m finding it difficult to articulate why I think running is significant to me and why I want to work with it as part of my practice, but I’m enthused by the physicality, the risk, the simplicity and the unexpected sense connection with the landscape that it gives me.

At the moment, I’m keen to hear about other artists’ experience which might help me to contextualise what I’m doing so the group could be useful in that way. Véronique has already recommended some texts to read. I’m not sure what I have to offer but maybe there will be experiences and knowledge that I can share as my work develops in the future.

http://www.simonfenoulhet.co.uk/ mail@simonfenoulhet.co.uk

Best wishes Kai

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