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How to Run Longer Without Getting So Tired | The Run Experience | Video

Can You Run A Marathon Without Training? Video of a non runner

Important because this is most likely not possible for ultra. But who knows? Has anyone tried?

A lot of sunscreen was used. Previous food was a bit random.

Results? Blisters, sore knees, and biceps, and who knows if something else in the long run (pun intended)?

I Ran A Marathon With Only Ten Weeks Of Training | BuzzFeedBlue | Video

Amazing: it's very little time and the female runner gets a great race time! (Under 4 hs, perhaps under 3:30... )

First Person To Run A Marathon Without Talking About It | Above Average | Funny Video

This one is actually important because even if it's a mock of reality, and comedy, it still places a major point: people do other things aside from training and publishing merits in social networks. What is the real life of runners and ultra runners? How much does their activity interfere, OR NOT, in the rest of their life? How much does the rest of their life affect the training?

Another point: runners and ultrarunners don't always embrace a forever ending identity on the field. Together to what Eduardo Viveiros de Castro wrote O nativo relativo, one could also consider the intermitent native

6 Fruits You’re Eating Wrong | BuzzFeedBlue

Important because everyday practice needs to save time, even cutting fruits quickly.

Why do people run the marathon? I ran one to find out | VOX Video

Commonality goes a long way. Perhaps in ultra it's not exactly the same. Solitude goes a long way in races. But perhaps all training implies a certain gathering.

Running Form: Correct technique and tips to run faster | Running Wild

Most agree that you shouldn't step with your heels. What else is their to it?