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Vegan strong man eats one meal a day


uploaded | Markus Rothkranz 16 ago. 2016

Interesting ideas about how to generate growth hormone and avoid ageing. He speaks very slowly so gives the impression that he's actually at a low heart rate. He fasts 23 hours each day and eats during one hour. He explains that to increase longevity he follows a routine that takes care of how his proteins are used and how the intermittent lack of it is what demands your body to act differently. Also, his routine establishes a pattern of daily activities that are recommended by him for specific periods of the day. So aerobic activity in the morning, meditation throughout the day, and resistance (weights) at night. Additionally he avoids sugars, since he explains that they are a main agent of ageing. Apparently he is a studying person who has published some deal on the subject of the human body's capabilities under fasting.