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running gives more benefits on mind body environment than any other activity

5 Reasons You Should Go For A Run Today _ Dr Vybarr Cregan-Reid _ Think Kent

Venn diagrams on the range of benefits of recreational activities

  1. Physiological benefits | fitness, strength, respiratory health, endurance, improved bone density
  2. Psychological benefits | enhanced intelligence, improved resilience, higher self esteem, better body-image
  3. Neurological benefits | improved proprioception, boosted motor skills, better-trained senses, more able to read and compute the environment
  4. Immunological benefits | less susceptible to disease [heart, diabetes, cancer]
  5. Environmental benefits | footprint + benefits from being outdoors [environmental psychology]

References George Orwell's Pleasure Spots [1946], on the new tourism, in which:

  1. Running helps you feel Freedom