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Rich Roll Podcast | RRP #31: Mishka Shubaly Interviews Rich | almost 2 hs! (1:50)

Both talk about bad phase of addiction to alcohol and drugs as small life, where one would wish to be left alone, and in fact the phone doesn't ring much either. They round it up as living in the rv of the soul.

They talk about Rich's book and it's criticisms, the one star reviews. One note is that the text seems a bit too 1st world, with expense bikes and high Iron Man payments for entrance fee. And the response is that actually those are expensive for everyone, but you can as well run a local triathlon, which many people do. And by the same coin you can afford a cheap bike or borrow from a friend to start your first race, to see if you get the hunger for it while training and trying what it is about.

You don't need the gear, as Lance said: it's not about the bike. Take the Tarahumaras: they just use sandals and skirts and that's more than enough. They don't need the gear to establish their identity.

Interview context | The author explains that a paperback edition of his book is coming out and his publishers don't have the means for publicity so Roll gets shameless and apologizes for doing this on his show, which is actually for his readers to know ore about amazing people from the ultra world. Anyhow he comments on the reception of the book, and signals that if he would have given the chance he might've liked to do some further editing. Perhaps add some parts on episodes of alcoholism?

Also they comment on Mishka's habit of telling his drinking buddies that he would stop drinking until he was 70, this way he could leave a door open, and not saying that he would never drink again. But for Roll this is a strategy he could not think of: it is just one step at a time, being in the present. This is a very common mind frame for most ultra.