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Exponential Performance Podcast | Lisa Tamati: ultra running training, nutrition and mindset | Episode 29 | 72 mins

Lived as an outdoor person who did a lot of sports: surf, skiing, swimming, you name it. Also had to struggle with several periods of depression after being abused by an old boyfriend for five years.

I didn't have the skills, or the speed. I did have the guts, determination and will power.
I always felt the impostor syndrome of "I am not a real runner". Meaning not making a decent marathon time, or having a good vo2max test, etc. Aerobic capacity and enduring pain is a different skill set than those of speedy guys.

Two years of recovery from Dessert Run through Libian Desert. Kidney malfunction, and what not. Marathon des Sables would be a controlled environment, and possible. Another hard race is BadWater, which has less finishers than people escalating the Mount Everest. Comment in a conversation between two runners: Preparing for an ultra with the logistics is like training for the Olympics and building the stadium at the same time. Chasing sponsors, marketing yourself, putting your job together, mind setting yourself and others (inner and outer leadership), life and money in order.

Ketogenic diet seems like a very good option but each person has different adaptation. You have to give your body and metabolism time to adapt to low carb high fat diet. Go slow or you'll crash. Lisa hosted an expert doctor in her podcast. Also salts are usually more favored in long races over sugars, which you dislike quite quickly. Gels happen to be a frequent problem for many people. Natural real foods are best. Make a pack and prepare. Soups are good, chia seeds, banana, etc. Get enough calories and the digestion done, without throwing up. Very dependant on each person. Test everything in training. Never try anything new on race day.

Later on she presents her books and compares running so much and the resilience of having her mother with an aneurysm. She went to the nurses with her books and gave the book to them, and said "this is who I am", we are going to make it through. And that is her biggest challenge and satisfaction. This is a real content, not hollow, motivation. Really seems to put things in place.

Her podcast. Pushing the Limits Not just about running. It is about health fitness and more.
note: serious kidney damage! I used to think about adapting metabolism, but learning how to fit body parts' needs is a big deal too.