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Sociology's Greatest Hits of 2017

ASA Releases Top 50 Journal Downloads

September 6, 2018

Washington, DC

From a study of the impact of local nonprofits on crime rates to an account of protesting millennials, in 2017 the most downloaded sociological research published in the American Sociological Association’s journals spanned a wide range of topics and social concerns.  More than 20% of the top 50 articles were actually published in 2017,

Eighty percent of articles in the Top 50 were published before 2017 including the most downloaded article on the list, a 2010 study of the social construction of illness and its policy implications, which contrasts the medical model of disease with the meaning and experience of illness for real individuals in society. One of the oldest article on the list was a study of race and class inequality in U.S. incarceration, first published in 2004 and perhaps charged with new interest by national consideration of criminal justice reform.

ASA’s flagship publication, the American Sociological Review (ASR), published half of the articles on the Top 10 download list. Additionally, three of the Top 10 articles were published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, one in the open-access journal Socius and another in ASA’s public-facing magazine Contexts.

The most downloaded article published in 2017 was “Why Should Women Get Less? Evidence on the Gender Pay Gap from Multifactorial Survey Experiments,” in ASR.  A 2017 study entitled “Into the Red and Back to the Nest? Student Debt, College Completion and Returning to the Parental Home Among Young Adults” was the top-downloaded article in Sociology of Education.  And the most downloaded article in Sociological Theory, first published in 2017, was “Fuck Nuance.” (The article deals with the “nuance traps” that inhibit sociological theory; and speculates that sociological theory may have become more entranced with nuance because there is so much less of it in the world)

Taken together, the top 50 list (below) encompasses a broad range of domestic policy issues in the U.S., from crime and incarceration to LGBTQ rights to economic mobility and inequality.

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